Career Readiness

Academics are the foundation for a successful career.

“We believe that you are never too young to start thinking about what life looks like past your school career and never to old to start again”.

In order to promote academic development, academic success and higher education, our teens are offered……

  • Afterschool Learning
  • PSAT, SAT exposure
  • Math Boot camps
  • Scholarship opportunities for participants

Teens who demonstrate their desire through performance and consisitency are provided…..

  • “Before” the job training skills
  • Career preparation tools
  • Resume skills
  • Permit/Drivers License training
  • ┬áJob placement


Looking for a job??

Most teens enjoy making their own spending money while in school, which is not a bad idea. Although school is their priority, some teens have to work for various reasons. For any teen who’s looking for a job that doesn’t interfere with their school career, this may provide some leads.




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