Career Readiness

Academics lay the foundation for a successful career.         We place 4 components in place to promote academic development, academic success and higher education..

  • Afterschool Learning
  • PSAT, SAT exposure
  • Math Boot camps
  • Scholarship opportunities

Teens who demonstrate their desire through performance are provided

  • “Before” the job training skills
  • Career preparation tools
  • Resume skills
  •  Job placement

“We believe that you are never too young to start thinking about what life looks like past your school career. Learning the necessary skills now, makes the process a little less complicated down the road.”

Looking for a job??

Although our primary focus for our teens during theri school career is to make school their #1 focus. However we do realize some teens have to work for various reasons. If a teen is looking for a job that doesn’t interfere with their school career, this may provide some leads.




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