Many people struggle with “how to serve others” thinking that it has to be what somebody else is doing. You can start serving others just by doing something small that will make a BIG difference. There’s something about giving to others and making their day that helps you to view things in a different light. For us, serving others has always been a way to relieve some of the pressure of everyday situations and refocus on something positive in spite of what’s going on around you. Here’s a few small ideas that can make a BIG difference in someone’s life…..

Be a good neighbor, check on those who live next door to you and make sure they are safe and ok.
See if there’s a need you may be able to help them address, run an errand for food or supplies, go pay a bill, walk the dog, etc.
prepare dinner for someone elderly, disabled or who has small children
A simple phone call or text just to ask how they are doing.
Video chat to see a smiling face.
Be the neighbor you would want someone else to be for you ‘IF” you were in their shoes
Be creative and “think outside the box”