Stefan Phillips

(PreDestined Teen since 2016)

“My life has been greatly changed by PreDestined Teen Outreach. My grades have improved, my character and integrity has astonishingly changed for the better. My grades have increased exponentially. Thanks to PreDestined Teen Outreach, I have bettered myself as a human being and as a Christian.”


Nichole Byers

(PreDestined parent since 2014)

“PreDestined has helped my family by giving us purpose. My son has been a part of the program for 5 years now. It has helped him to grow and become a young Christian adult, it has helped with his schoolwork and learning what he needs to know. It has given him confidence to talk to people and help them in ways he would not have done without PreDestined. It has also helped me as well to become more confident in myself and teach me how to become a better person. I have peace when I am with PreDestined. My whole life I have had anxiety issues but when I am with PreDestined, I do not get anxiety. I have done things with PreDestined that I would not normally do. I would not be the person I am today without Mrs. Tonya and being a part of PreDestined.”


Mrs Julie Bishop

(Academic Support Teacher Gettys Middle School)

“The positive impact that PreDestined has on the students I teach at Gettys Middle school is not something easily measured. As a teacher, having Tonya to contact and support me in my work with her students is invaluable. We are able to work together as a team to love, support and best serve thses precious teenagers. We are better at Gettys Middle School because of the work of Tonya Mayes and her colleagues at PreDestined.”